Help Us Stop the Astro-turf Mandate!

Assembly Bill 1793 would prohibit associations from restricting or banning the installation of artificial lawns.

The bill totally removes an association’s right to maintain a natural grass streetscape in order to preserve the ambiance and property value. It will create friction in the association and opens the door to lawsuits.

The bill imposes a State mandate on even the smallest of communities while disregarding important factors listed below in a sample letter. I am asking you to “copy and paste” the sample letter onto your letterhead and FAX it to the legislators identified below.

We need to stop the rush to judgment by some legislators who think they are simply saving water by voting for this bill, when in fact the bill creates serious problems and will cause unintended negative consequences.

We are asking you to weigh in on this bill today by faxing the committee members that will vote on it next Tuesday. Your fax NEEDS to arrive in their capitol offices no later than this Friday.

Copy and paste the letter below onto your letterhead and fax it in!

Thank you very much.


TO: Members, Senate Transportation and Housing Committee
RE: OPPOSE AB 1793 (Saldana)

I am urging you to vote NO on AB 1793.

AB 1793 would void any homeowner association rule that prohibits installing artificial grass, and would therefore permit all property owners to install it. Here are my reasons for opposing the measure:

It singles out a class of property owners in common interest developments and may violate the equal protection clause of the Constitution.

Artificial grass may ruin a community’s curb appeal and reduce owner and neighbor’s property value
Existing law already mandates local public agencies to adopt and enforce water usage by which CIDs must abide
Civil Code 1358.8 already addresses water usage and landscaping in CIDs per AB 1061 (Lieu), which just became effective in January

  • It micromanages communities and overrides local control
  • It lacks definition of “grass”… what variety, color shade, seasonal vs. perennial, length?
  • It statutorily promotes certain company products
  • It does not address possible water runoff, flammability, and toxicity issues identified in various
  • governmental studies

  • It will increase an HOA’s liability and generate lawsuits due to harm that can be caused by the toxic chemicals used in the manufacturing of the artificial lawns

AB 1793, if passed by this committee, should be referred to the Senate Environmental Quality Committee.

Thank you for considering my request. I shall be glad to relay your response to my neighbors.





Fax: 916-445-2209

Name District Party Phone Fax

Ashburn, Roy 18 R (916) 651-4018 (916) 322-3304
DeSaulnier, Mark 7 D (916) 651-4007 (916) 445-2527
Harman, Tom 35 R (916) 651-4035 (916) 445-9263
Huff, Robert (Vice Chair) 29 R (916) 651-4029 (916) 324-0922
Kehoe, Christine 39 D (916) 651-4039 (916) 327-2188
Lowenthal, Alan (Chair) 27 D (916) 651-4027 (916) 327-9113
Oropeza, Jenny 28 D (916) 651-4028 (916) 323-6056
Pavley, Fran 23 D 916 651 4023 916 324-4823
Simitian, Joe 11 D (916) 651-4011 (916) 323-4529


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