Life in a Condo…..NOISE

What residents don’t realize is that when you live close to neighbors noise travels.
It is those little things that can ruin a quiet evening at home.
Why does a slammed door mean the door is closed?
Can’t a door be closed quietly so it doesn’t rattle the neighbors while they are enjoying their home.

When you walk in the hallways keep your voices down so you don’t disturb the neighbors by making them think there is a band in the hallway.

The same for stomping loudly in the hallways.

Windows are open and in comes the summer breezes and noise…
Voices and music can be heard throughout whether you are in your condo or on the balcony.

Enjoy your music and conversations but your neighbors might not like your type of music or might not want to be part of your conversations.

Be respectful of your neighbors and lets all have a safe and happy summer!!!!!



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