Rules and Regulations of an Association allow the Board of Directors to make rules that are needed to assist the Board of Directors in running the HOA. Rules exist to allow the members to enjoy community living while not encroahing on the enjoyment of others. Rules cannot contradict the CC & R’s or the By-Laws.

If a rule is to be added or changed the Board of Directors must authorize the management company to send out the proposed rule addition or change. The members have a thirty day comment period. This allows the members to express their opinon on the proposed rule or change and let the Board of Directors know the thoughts of the community. The Board of Directors can review the input and then make their deciison. They can modify the proposed rule or change based on the feedback or can leave the rule or proposed change as it is.

It is important for all owners to realize that the Board of Directors are owners and they have to follow all the rules like any owner. They don’t get preferential treatment because they are on the Board.

The Board of Directors make business decisons for the community. Even if an owner disagrees with the new rule or proposed change they have to realize what is important is what is in the best interst of the communty.

You cannot please everyone you can only try.


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